domingo, 6 de março de 2011

Never Play Hide and Seek

Poema que escrevi baseado no conto "Smee", de A.M Burrage, escritora britânica do século XIX. Posteriormente este texto foi adaptado, e se transformou na letra da música "Hide and Seek", que compus juntamente com os demais integrantes da banda de Heavy Metal "Stained Razor".

Never Play Hide and Seek

Darkling bedrom, desire that door...desire seek, desire deeply
Dark bedroom, no sight, I can’t see anything       
Moon gleams over the bedrom,
A small gleam into the cloudy sky, over the heavy clouds

Open it, touch me, my beautiful and soft skin
Under the slow gleams of the moon, over the cloudy sky
Just touch it, desire it...soft and unforgettable skin
Under the fast  gleams of the moon

Never play Hide and seek
Play Smee, say Smee and touch my skin
Never play Hide and Seek
Play Smee, say Smee and kiss my broken neck

Never see the pink curtains under the moon gleams
‘Cause you can’t touch my skin
Soft and desired skin, desired in dreams
You are sixteen years, but no one like is here, can’t say smee
No one is here can’t say...just one is here

Never go in the stairs, never look
Be carefull, look at your paths
Dangerous, dammed house...bottons, stairs break necks
Just go on....kiss my broke neck and touch my soft, cold skin.

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